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Chris Rea mailing listJoin the fans’ discussions regarding Chris Rea on the “Rea-list” mailing list. If you are not familiar with mailing lists, here’s the basic idea: anyone who is a member on the list can send a message by e-mail to a specific address, and the message will be delivered by e-mail to all members on the list. People who are not on the mailing list cannot see the messages, nor are they searchable by Google, so the discussion is somewhat private. Note though, that anyone can join the list and see the messages.


On the mailing list we discuss anything and everything related to Chris Rea, and the discussion has stayed on-topic very well. No spam or advertising is allowed, and that has never been a problem on the list.

How to join

The Chris Rea mailing list has been in operation ever since August 1997 (that’s over 15 years!), now at a new address. To join the mailing list, send an e-mail with the subject “subscribe” to, or visit the list info page.

10 thoughts on “The Chris Rea Mailing List

  1. Hi I wonder if someone can help me to get a message to Chris himself. I am a Rea I am married to Michael Rea he is an ice cream vendor and our daughter is in the Army and her Officer is from Middlesbrough which is Chris Rea home town. My daughter will be passing out in 4 weeks time down in Surrey and I wonder if I bought a Cd that Chris could sign it or even a signed photo. This officer has looked after my daughter for 14 weeks training and he is a fan of Chris. He loves the fact that he can shout out Rea for my daughter to answer back to him. My daughter is called Ashleigh Rea and this would make her so happy if she could do this. Many thanks Allison Rea x

  2. My name is Gayar Alaudinow.
    I’m from Moscow.
    Since 1991 until 1998 I was a member of the Chris Rea fan club.. In while Pat Kelly was the keeper of the club.
    At that time there was no Internet, and she was the only ray of light who covered in detail all the important events on the work of our beloved artist
    I would like to know what happened to her and how she is now.
    It is good to hear from you again.

  3. Hi
    Hope you can pass this message to Chris for me!
    I am second cousin of Chris’s wife and would love to just say hi to her if she travels with Chris on December 4th to Sheffield City Hall.
    I have lost touch with the family as most of the adults have died but I remember cousins, Josephine, Jacqueline, George and John from visits to the family in Middlesbrough to see uncle George, auntie Mary, uncle Ben. My cousin George has passed his electrical shop, Rollos, down to his son Paul. I think he lives in Saltburn now?
    I hope that Chris is keeping well after he had such a struggle with illness.
    Maybe one of my cousins could e-mail me?or meet up in Sheffield in December?
    Thank you for your help.

  4. Could Chris re-release ‘Tell Me There’s a Heaven” to raise funds for the victims and families of the attack in Manchester this week. Thanks.

    • Actually I think it was Pat Lilley not Kelly I will have to look up the old newsletters and check. I have been absent from all Rea things for some years now myself and gave up my Rea website.
      Reagards givernyblue

  5. Chris, I have no family ties, just a huge fan since 1989 when I traveled to the UK and first heard your haunting song “Road to Hell.” Wishes of good health and happiness from the U.S.

  6. An idea for fans at the next Chris Rea gig…
    If there’s a support act, somebody ask them to play something like….Back to life, back to reality, we’re glad you didn’t exit off your motorway of life (SoulIISoul, with a re-worked lyric) moving into Kool &the gang’s We’re gonna celebrate your music with you, Celebration… and how about Play that funky music (WildCherry)…rehearse this with the audience, then bring Chris onstage and all the audience sings this to him. I’ll be at the gig in Dublin in December 2017. I’d like to express my appreciation with a bit more eloquence than Ya Whaaay Yeah.

  7. Ich höre Chris Rea Musik seit ich denken kann, habe Chris in Hamburg einmal live gesehen-wunderbar!
    Seit dem Zusammenbruch am 10.dec. hört man nichts mehr von Chris.wie geht es ihm jetzt?
    Ich wünsche Chris und seiner Family, seinen ganzen Team
    Ein gutes neues Jahr. Lotus of love Sabine

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