New CD/DVD/Book package in February 2015?

A new earBook, a remake of ‘La Passione’ with 2 CD’s and 4 DVD’s is rumoured to be released in February 2015. Chris Rea has in recent years expressed his disappointment with how the La Passione film/album turned out, and already in 2012 he stated that he had done a remake of it. In recent interviews he has mentioned February 2015 as the release date for the album. On the Last Open Road Tour in late 2014 he has ended his concerts with showing two music videos from the original La Passione album, another hint that the remake is coming soon.

8 thoughts on “New CD/DVD/Book package in February 2015?

  1. Any more news on the new La Passione release date. I have been waiting for the release since I saw Chris in concert in Bournemouth in December 2014 and I am driving my wide nuts playing the original CD.

  2. Yes i’ve been waiting as well after seeing chris in Sheffield, i knew about the original which i have not got but will be getting the new version with dvd’s and cd’s , i do have his other box sets and i WANT this one to

  3. At the December,Birmingham Gig, I did ask one of the crew if Chris did ever play any of La Passione at his concerts. Although he said no, he then went on to say that we would hear some of it that night at the end as Chris was in the process of getting it ready for a re-issue. Months after the original suggested release date, – April 17 -, we still have no news.
    This is the second best CD I have in my collection, – won’t say what Number 1 is -, so any news would be great Chris.

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