Chris Rea interview with The Telegraph

Chris talks to The Telegraph about his first car and passing his driving test in an ice cream van.

“I’m currently under orders from my wife to try and change. She says: talk to yourself, you can’t change the world. But after 10 minutes, I’m knocking my head against the window. Everyone’s so f***ing stupid. What’s the point in flashing your lights if they don’t know what a flashing light means? They’re in their kitchen psychologically, not the car.”

4 thoughts on “Chris Rea interview with The Telegraph

  1. Hi!!
    I would really love to contact Chris Rea! Any help with an address would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    Susan Shore

  2. When your knocking your head against the window, take your mind to another place.
    First n second year at St Mary’s College, Remember Yogi the “dickie bow kid” Mr Brown I believe, and that twat who taught us maths, do you remember him getting hold of us by the sideburns and pulling up on them til we were stretched up as high as we could get on our toes, and the deputy head a little twat of a priest who hated kids, he was known as beaky the bald headed sadist. I remember Tex Harrison, Dominic Brennen and a few others

  3. “Road to Hell” should have been about SSRI antidepressants and not the M25. Its a fantastic song that could have been applied to something more serious. My life as well as thousands of others has been destroyed by SSRI antidepressants and the song “road to hell” seems to hit the nail on the head. I would love to do a video with “road to hell” playing in the background.

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